Our Services

Personalized Consulting

Each producer is unique. Our hedge specialists help clients define their price risk, determine the proper hedge strategy to manage that risk, develop a comprehensive hedge plan for their individual operation, and direct the initiation of that plan throughout the year.

Regular Updates

FCA provides hedge recommendations and follow-up directives via mail and/or email transmission on a regular basis to keep our clients informed of the latest market developments and opportunities.

Online Services

Hedge clients can view their account online at any time. Positions, balances, and statement information is provided.

Market Information

Our clients have access to customizable futures and options quotes as well as technical charting capabilities offered by leading market information providers.

Full Service Brokerage

FCA maintains the highest level of connectivity to all major exchanges using state-of-the-art trading platforms and world-class floor execution.

Educational Meetings

Our hedge specialists are available to discuss your hedge plan with your extended management team (i.e. lender, insurance agent, merchandiser, etc). We also extend our services to groups seeking a greater understanding of marketing and price risk management.


To have a plan is one thing; to follow it is another. Throughout the marketing year, FCA provides the information and discipline necessary to execute the Six Step Plan.